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Tvodo is now PWA: Migrating a Native Web Application






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Tvodo is now PWA: Migrating a Native Web Application

A progressive web application (PWA, progressive web application) is a type of web application that combines the best features of both websites and native mobile applications. PWAs are designed to be responsive, reliable, and provide a similar user experience to native apps. They take advantage of modern web experiences, offering offline features, push notifications, and easy installation across multiple devices and platforms. We have set up a native web application migration to a Progressive Web Application (PWA). Tvodo can now be installed as an app on desktops, tablets, and Android and iOS devices.

Benefits of PWAs

Improved User Experience: PWAs provide fast and responsive experiences, allowing users to navigate and interact with the app seamlessly. They offer smooth animations, gestures, and full-screen browsing, mimicking the feel of a native app.

Offline Functionality: One of the key advantages of PWAs is the ability to work offline or in low-connectivity environments. Users can access previously loaded content, browse product catalogs, or perform tasks without an active internet connection.

Increased Engagement: With features like push notifications, PWAs enable businesses to re-engage users and drive repeat visits. They can send personalized notifications, such as updates on new products, discounts, or abandoned cart reminders.

Cross-Platform Compatibility: Unlike native apps, PWAs are platform-agnostic. They can run on any device with a web browser, including desktops, smartphones, tablets, and even smart TVs, making them accessible to a wider audience.

Native Website Limitations: While native websites have their own advantages, they often fall short in terms of user engagement and functionality. Native websites lack offline capabilities, have limited access to device features, and require users to download and install updates manually. Additionally, they may not provide the same level of performance and responsiveness as PWAs.

Have a website ready but want to switch to PWA? Or are you planning to develop a progressive web app from scratch? Send us an email: welcome@tvodo.com and we will help you migrate your web solution to the latest technology stack!