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The use of 3D configurators in the construction sector






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The use of 3D configurators in the construction sector

In the constantly developing field of the construction industry, the introduction of advanced IT technologies is extremely important to maintain competitive advantages and provide high-quality services to customers. One of these technological wonders that has revolutionized the sales of construction companies is the 3D configurator. In this article, we will plunge into the exciting world of 3D configurators and explore their impact on the websites of construction companies.

What is a 3D configurator?

3D Configurator is a web application that allows users to create, configure and visualize 3D models of objects or spaces in real time. In the context of construction, these configurators have become invaluable tools for architects, engineers, contractors, and customers alike. They are usually embedded in the websites of construction companies, allowing users to interact with and manipulate 3D models of buildings, interior spaces or any other structures related to the project.

3D Home Configurator

Why is this necessary?

The introduction of 3D configurators on websites allows companies to increase customer engagement, provide an exciting shopping experience and equip sales departments with powerful tools. This technology reveals the potential of “customization” of the product, increasing customer satisfaction and increasing sales in various industries.

Creating a 3D product configurator often begins with creating a GLB file containing a 3D model, textures, and the necessary data for accurate rendering. Although web configurators can be developed and managed independently, this usually requires technical knowledge and extensive coding, which makes it a less common approach, but very effective.

Unlocking the potential of using a 3D configurator

The usefulness of a 3D product configurator is multifaceted. It serves as an interactive platform that allows online shoppers to visualize their unique solutions, generate offers with instant pricing, receive automatic offers and view realistic animations highlighting product features, all in a user-friendly form. This dynamic approach is extremely effective in demonstrating specific product characteristics that may not be available to conventional images.

In addition, 3D product configurators are invaluable tools for advertising, marketing and increasing the overall attractiveness of web pages.

Main advantages

The most important thing is satisfied customers: The ability to choose colors, materials and components and observe changes in real time develops a sense of belonging and allows customers to create products that match their unique preferences. This personalization has resulted in a significant 94% increase in conversions for businesses, highlighting the impact of the individual visual effects of the product.

Real-time visualization and interactive product study: Presenting complex products with an immersive effect, customers can explore their individual creations from all sides, zoom in on complex details and experience the product as if it were physically present. This interactive user experience helps to make decisions and strengthens the connection between the customer and the product.

3D-configurator of the roof of the house

Optimized design and production processes

The 3D configurator facilitates efficient prototyping of the project and integration with CAD systems for uninterrupted production. The designs and modifications themselves can be implemented quickly, shortening development cycles and ensuring that the final product meets the real expectations of the customer.

Expanding the capabilities of the sales department and increasing product conversion

Sales representatives can offer individual demonstrations that take into account the unique preferences of each customer, thereby attracting his attention and convincingly emphasizing the features and advantages of the product. This not only eliminates objections, but also strengthens trust and reduces the uncertainty of the buyer, because of the opportunity to see everything with your own eyes, before the purchase itself.

Visual statistics

Numerous case studies highlight the positive impact of 3D configurators on the promotion of the construction business. Retailers that provide customers with the opportunity to create their own products have significantly increased the number of net promotional points (NPS), which indicates a higher level of user recommendations and increased customer loyalty.

3D house layout configurator

For example, Kapsimet, a manufacturer of prefabricated houses and a Tvodo client, has reduced the number of phone calls to support and increased sales by introducing a 3D configurator with augmented reality (AR) functions. This technology allowed customers to better understand the size and appearance of prefabricated houses, which increased sales, and also, thanks to the ability to look at the house from the inside with their own eyes in real time, the uncertainty in buying and the need for help decreased.

In conclusion, it should be noted that 3D configurators on construction companies' websites are not just innovative tools, but also an inevitable future that most construction companies will come to sooner or later. If you want to order a 3D configurator for your construction company, write to us.