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How to contact you?

You can contact us by the phone number indicated on the site, through the feedback form or through messengers at the bottom of the page. More details at tvodo.com/contacts.

How the price is formed for projects?

The price is formed based on the complexity of the task and the time spent on the project. Approximate pricing is shown on the widgets in the «Pricing» section tvodo.com/pricing. You will receive the exact cost and timing of the project from our product managers in the process of discussing the details and reviewing the full terms of reference.

What are the payment terms for projects?

For projects worth up to $3.000, an advance payment of 50% is provided. The remaining 50% is paid after the completion of the tasks under the contract and launch (commissioning) of the project. At the same time, an acceptance certificate and additional agreements, if any, are signed. Projects with a higher price or with a development period of 45 working days or more can be paid according to the 30%/30%/40% or 20%/30%/50% scheme. Projects from $15.000 and implementation periods of six months are paid according to the individual conditions specified in the contract.

Do you have any discounts or promotions?

For our customers, we have developed a whole loyalty system with individual discounts and offers. It is available only to registered users. We also frequently post product development specials. You can find out about them at tvodo.com/special-offers.

What warranties do you provide?

The warranty obligations include the high-quality performance of all tasks specified in the contract (in the terms of technical assignment) within the specified time frame.

The party to a contract that has violated due to its fault the terms of fulfillment of its obligations shall pay penalties in the amount specified in the contract for each day of delay.

What is included in the development of web-projects?

Regardless of the project (corporate website, online store, promo website, landing page or complex web service), we will develop a turnkey solution using a modern technology stack. General components of web projects: analytics and development of the site structure, prototyping, user interface design (UI / UX), layout and programming, service testing and content filling, seo-optimization of the project. Each service is described in detail by the link: tvodo.com/services.

How is a 3D model created?

3D models are created in several stages: modeling itself - creating a three-dimensional mathematical model of the object(s), blocking, creating a low-poly model, creating a high-poly model, baking and texture mapping, rigging and animation - creating bones that will later be used for animating a 3D model and creating some kind of movement, lighting and rendering the scene, compositing and extracting the resulting image/sequence/video clip in the desired format. Depending on the task, there may be fewer or more stages to achieve the desired result.

What is Outsourcing?

Outsourcing involves the implementation of business processes of the company for which the organization does not have specialized personnel or there is an urgent needs to perform tasks that are better handled by specialists from outside. We provide an opportunity to perform part of the project tasks by allocating resources for its solution. Contact us by going to the «Contacts» section tvodo.com/contacts.

What technologies are used in software development?

We work with AI and cognitive services (face, speech and object recognition libraries). We are developing for ToF sensors (Kinect Azure, Kinect 2.0, LeapMotion, 3D Intel RealSense), writing programs for virtual, augmented and mixed reality. More information is available on the Services tab at tvodo.com/services.

Do you participate in tenders, public procurement and electronic auctions?

Yes, we participate in tenders, public procurement and electronic auctions. If you want to invite us, write in any convenient way by visiting the contacts section tvodo.com/contacts.

What is NFT Art?

NFT (non-fungible token) - an item, that transferred to the blockchain, having its owner and located on various digital marketplaces. This is a new class of assets: full decentralized ownership of an asset that is verifiable and has public proof of ownership and authenticity. We can help you create NFT assets (2D, 3D, FX or animation) as well as create advertising assets to support your NFT drop. Whether you have a fully licensed product or just an idea, we can bring it to life and bring it to market.

What is included in the web-design service?

Web design services include: development of the layout of all web pages of the future project, their prototyping, testing and UI / UX analysis. Later, at the development stage, the created layouts are transferred to the team of frontend developers for further layout and programming. Moreover, if you have a brand that you want to highlight, but there is no brand book, then our designers can develop a complete identity for your company.