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Web development Tvodo. Website development Tvodo

In recent years, corporate websites have undergone a significant transformation, moving away from the traditional notion that they are the only source of information about the company. The modern web landscape is characterized by its mobile, social and emotional nature. This paradigm shift has resulted in completely new types of corporate websites that offer increased value to users. These websites are now reminiscent of editorials and social media platforms, focusing on the relevance of information and taking on a more personable approach.

Given the changing rules of the game, it is important that all stakeholders adapt to them. This is the right time to reevaluate the goals of your corporate website, whether it already exists or is in the planning stages.

To begin with, it is extremely important to understand why you need a corporate website. While corporate websites serve a wide range of purposes, their main purpose is to promote the brand, not specific products or sub-brands. Think of a corporate website as your company's personal assistant or 24/7 business development executive who represents your brand at all times.

Experts around the world emphasize the importance of design thinking as a central element of corporate strategy. To be successful, companies must move beyond focusing solely on their offerings and instead address all aspects of their customer relationships. This fundamental principle is at the heart of any top-level corporate website.

Building a corporate website has many reasons, but it's important to be clear about your business's purpose. Vague answers like "every company should have one" will not suffice. Your website must serve a specific purpose and its design must be consistent with that purpose. Instead of waiting for ready-made answers, this article will equip you with the knowledge you need to ask the right questions, the key to success.

Take a moment to think about why you need a website. Consider a broader perspective: people's trust is the most valuable asset for any company, institution or organization. Is your main goal to add value to your brand, communicate brand image, raise funds, or generate leads? Once you have formulated your thoughts, you can move on to the next step.

Once you answer the question "Why?" question: The next logical step is to ask "How?" We will guide you through this process. Here's a step-by-step guide that aims to make the complex process of creating a corporate website more comprehensive.

Web development Tvodo. Website development Tvodo

Determining the target audience of a website

One of the first questions we ask our clients at Tvodo is: "Who is your website for?" Surprisingly, we often receive long and detailed lists of various target groups. Naturally, our next question is, "Which of these groups are the most important?" Unfortunately, the answer often comes down to the notion that all groups are equally important.

If your main goal is to inform shareholders and partners about your financial achievements, your website should speak their language. However, this may not resonate with your customers. For example, the "Investments" page should be written in a more formal language to meet the expectations of visitors, but this does not mean that the content and its presentation should be boring. On the other hand, if your primary audience consists of the press and the media, the content will be different. A team page that shows your company's appreciation for hard work and valuable initiatives is likely to be important. Employees can request information about the latest company news and employee benefits.

As a result, the content and design of your corporate website should match the needs of your target audience. It is extremely important to understand who you want to attract to your site and provide them with exactly what they are looking for.

Does this mean you should neglect everything else? Not necessary. Your website needs to be accessible to everyone, but it needs to target a specific audience first and foremost. This does not mean that you should choose only one group and narrow down your audience. Rather, it's about prioritization. Decide who your corporate website is intended for in the first place. Divide them into 3-4-5 groups and rank them in order of importance before you start the website building process. This will help you determine the content requirements for each group.

Determining the value of a website

Corporate websites allow customers to save time by finding a reliable source of information about your company, its products and services. Investors can access all the information they need to evaluate whether your company is worth investing in. The media engage readers by sharing valuable and interesting news from your website. Ultimately, you benefit from increased purchases, investment, and media coverage.

The most successful brands have realized that their customers are more interested in the value they get than in the inner workings of the companies themselves. By prioritizing customer needs and striving to add value to their lives, these brands have seen increased customer loyalty and engagement.

Unfortunately, many brands, including some well-known brands, fail to deliver value to consumers. Their corporate websites exist primarily to represent the company online and have little to offer other than for shareholder, investor and PR purposes. This approach is no longer efficient. The corporate website should function as a tool that maximizes the benefits for various target groups by facilitating a transparent and meaningful dialogue with users.

Ask yourself if your vision of what users should find on your site matches what they actually want to see. If you're solely focused on promoting the brand, you may be presenting a limited perspective that won't resonate with a wider audience. Customers can access social media or review sites, while potential customers can search for information on platforms such as Glassdoor.

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