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Tvodo identity

New Tvodo logo and corporate identity

Tvodo.com - a team of professional developers combining many years of experience in the international market, hundreds of completed projects that we are proud of.

The original idea of Tvodo is to solve fundamental problems common to all companies - coordination within the organization, the ability to turn groups of people moving in different directions into teams united by one goal, connecting customers with the company and demonstrating the best products produced by it.

We decided to develop a company logo that contains minimalism, simplicity and a fresh look. Visual unity and monochrome gamma are also an important condition. The logo should be displayed well both in the light version of the site and in the dark one.

The dimensional characteristics of the logo are shown in the figure below. The security field of the logo is 0.5 X, where X is the height of the logo. Below is a schematic drawing of the security field.

Primary colors

Two colors were chosen as the main colors for the logo: Black - #353535, White - #FAFAFA. For the dark version - Pantone 276 C; CMYK 0, 0, 0, 79; RGB 53, 53, 53; HSL 0, 0, 21; HSB 0, 0, 21. For the light version - Pantone P 179-1 C; CMYK 0, 0, 0, 2; RGB 250, 250, 250; HSL 0, 0, 98; HSB 0, 0, 98.

The logo can only be used in these two formats. Do not change the color palette of text and graphics at your discretion, as these color combinations are specially approved to ensure maximum identity.

Logos in two color versions are available for download in SVG format: dark and light versions.